USI - University of Lugano Cardio e-TeC - Advanced short course in Electronic Technologies and Communication in Cardiology at USICardiocentro Ticino

Who should attend?

The course is tailored to the needs of individuals planning to participate in, lead or understand the biomedical engineering process regarding electronic technologies in cardiology. Our target audience includes:

  • Cardiologists and health professionals wishing to update their knowledge on the advanced use of medical devices in cardiology
  • Scientists and medical doctors wishing to gain a new insight into the application of modern technology to the development of innovative medical products
  • Industry managers involved in managing the biomedical engineering process, and the identification of technologies applicable to the development of innovative medical products
  • Hospital administrators wishing to further improve their knowledge and understanding of the use and application of electronic technologies in cardiology
Cardio e-TeC, Via Lambertenghi 10A, 6904 Lugano, Tel: +41 58 666 42 68, Fax: +41 58 666 46 19, e-mail: